Perforated plates

DIN Standards for perforated plates

The term “perforated plate” (in practice often called perforated sheet) is defined in the latest edition of DIN 24041 as well as in DIN 4185 part 2.
The term “perforated plate” according to the above DIN standards is a plate (sheet, panel etc.) with openings of a certain kind (holes) at regular intervals, made for example by punching, drilling, milling or other procedures
The simplest and most common shapes of holes are the round hole and the square hole; in addition, there are various types of long hole. More than 80 % of the perforated plates supplied have one of these main hole-shapes. 
Apart from that, there is a large number of special perforations for various applications (mostly design, architecture, industrial appliances).

DF manufactures standard and complex perforated metal solutions in accordance to production projects and drawings. The perforated items much improve on the previous metal product generations by their improved wear-proof qualities, corrosion protection, physical characteristics, strength, friendly maintenance, fixation flexibility, coverage.

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