Company profile

DF Bulgaria is a subsidiary of DF – Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche GmbH.

Since 1895 the latter has been manufacturing and processing perforated plates, and is now one of the leading perforated plate manufacturers in Europe. DF and 7 other companies form DF Group which manufactures and sells perforated plates and processed products made of perforated plate in the whole of Europe. 


company_staffIn 2005 DF Bulgaria was founded in Dragoman. Its tasks comprise manufacturing perforated products as well as ensuring the logistics and the  distribution perforated plates in Southeast Europe. 

At present, DF Bulgaria employs 65 people and, with modern production equipment, manufactures perforated tubes, punched parts, drawn parts and welded parts according to German standards. In order to achieve synergy effects in the Group, all Group companies work closely together concerning distribution and manufacturing issues.